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Sempervivum 'Gunther'


Coated in a layer of fuzzy cilia, the hazy green leaves of ‘Gunther’ curve gracefully to a point at the tips, where they are also edged in rich maroon color. The compact rosettes will quickly offset via stolons, which resemble  draping stems, to fill their container or corner of the rock garden. Hardy down to Zone 4, this incredible specimen provides an opportunity for gardeners in a wide range of climate zones to enjoy the succulent aesthetic in their gardens, both indoors and out.

Bright sunlight will ensure ample growth from ‘Gunther,’ though it does prefer some shade from the hottest afternoon sun – especially when grown outdoors during the summer months. Well-draining soil with plenty of inorganic material, such as perlite or pumice, is crucial to avoid rot, and ‘Gunther’ should always be situated in a pot that includes a drainage hole. Water thoroughly only once the soil has become dry throughout, and this specimen should flourish for even the most novice succulent growers!

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