Our Story

What can we say—succulents are amazing. They come in tons of colors, shapes and sizes, and even have their own unique personalities to boot. But there’s more to these wonderful plants than meets the eye; they are also drought tolerant and incredibly resilient.

Like many other succulent lovers, these characteristics drew us in, and soon enough we became the crazy-cat-lady versions of succulent owners: succulents here, succulents there, succulents everywhere! Our newfound passion inspired us to start Leaf & Clay: and Instagram page and blog dedicated specifically to these awesome plants. Leaf & Clay has grown into a sizeable community by acting as a platform for like-minded succulent enthusiasts to share knowledge and inspire others with their photos.

But for all of the wonderful things these plants embody, the current availability of pots meant to hold them does not. Unfortunately, almost all of the pots available in our local stores are poorly made, badly designed, and mass-produced in huge factories over seas, giving little to no thought to the people who make them. As people who value unique, handmade goods, and want the best for our plants, this was a disappointing realization.

So, we decided to make our own.

Leaf & Clay is line of ceramic succulent pots that are not only beautiful in appearance, but also thoughtful in origin. Leaf & Clay pots are uniquely handmade by talented and passionate artisans in Indonesia. With a legacy rich in the development of handicrafts, Indonesia is home to over 100,000 skilled potters and artisans. Our pots are hand-thrown on the potter’s wheel using native clays procured from Indonesia’s rich volcanic soils. The pots are then intricately carved by hand or finished with various colored glazes mixed from scratch. The time and attention-to-detail that goes into the creation of each piece is truly awe-inspiring, and because they’re handmade, no two Leaf & Clay pots are the same.

But why make the pots by hand and not by machine? Why does it matter where they’re made? The answer is simple—because it’s necessary. In a time where there is virtually no connection left between the products we buy and the people who make them, the decision to manufacture our pots by hand was consciously and easily made. The tradition of hand-making products is critical to the preservation of culture and sustainability of skilled labor.

By supporting Leaf & Clay, you are helping to do both of those things and more—you are helping to provide full-time jobs for local artisans in Indonesia, and positively impact the communities in which they live.

Every Leaf & Clay pot is a unique work of art, just like the succulents they are meant to hold. However the most important fact remains that these pots are more than just a product—they are an extension of the artisans themselves. Their time, stories, and passion can all be found within their creations, making them all the more special.

Leaf & Clay exists to celebrate and support talented artisans by providing an outlet to showcase and spread their incredible work. The artisans are excited and ready to put their skills to work, creating products you’ll love.