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Pleiospilos 'Split Rock'


Pleiospilos 'Split Rock', a member of the family of ‘mimicry succulents,’ is a unique, egg shaped plant features a single pair of grayish green leaves, dotted in tiny speckles. Once a year, the new leaf pair will emerge from the cleft between the two original leaves, growing at a 90-degree angle from the parent plant. As an added bonus, before the new leaf pair emerges this diminutive plant will send up one or more orange blooms, scented with the aroma of coconut! Reaching a maximum size of about 4 inches tall and wide, ‘Split Rock’ is the perfect addition to a sunny windowsill.

Having evolved to resemble the granite stones of its native South African habitat, ‘Split Rock’ can withstand warm temperatures and bright light, which is absorbed deep into the plant through the speckles on its leaves, which are actually windowpane-like adaptations that allow photosynthesis to occur efficiently despite much of the plant residing under the ground! Despite this ability to survive harsh conditions, these succulents are not cold hardy below Zone 10, and need to be protected from their most surefire enemy – overwatering. In fact, expect not to water these plants at all during the summer and winter months, as they go into dormancy and begin forming their new leaves, respectively. During the remainder of the year, water thoroughly but sparingly, watering only once the soil has had a chance to completely dry out.

Extremely porous soil, such as cactus mix with added course sand or perlite, will help ensure that the roots never remain in water for too long, and a well-draining pot that is deep enough (at least 4 inches) to accommodate ‘Split Rock’s tap root is a must.

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