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Opuntia hybrid cristata 'Roller Coaster'


The broad, flattened stems of Opuntia hybrid cristata ‘Roller Coaster’ truly do bear a resemblance to their namesake, as the twists and turns formed along the uppermost margins of the plant imitate the hairpin curves and precipitous drops characteristic of any amusement park! With oblong, almost leaf-like tubercles and wispy white hairs protruding from the surface of the plant, ‘Roller Coaster’ provides a visual thrill unlike any other succulent!

When exposed to full sun, the ‘leaves’ of ‘Roller Coaster’ will blush to a rosy red hue – though this specimen can still thrive, albeit with a more muted coloration, with only morning sun and afternoon shade. With a moderate growth rate for a cactus, this specimen will put on most of its size during the summer months – meaning that the thorough yet infrequent watering routine with which it will thrive can be reduced even further during the winter dormancy period. As further insurance against excess moisture, be sure to utilize a porous soil mixture within a well-draining pot, coupled with ample airflow around the stems and soil surface.

Hardy only to Zone 9, take measures to protect ‘Roller Coaster’ from frosty temperatures, which could otherwise cause permanent damage to the curving stems.

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