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Notocactus scopa 'Silver Ball Cactus'


An absolutely mesmerizing specimen, Notocactus scopa ‘Silver Ball Cactus’ features rounded, deep green stems covered in a regular pattern of bright white areoles from which a starburst of short white spines emerges, accented by a single rusty brown spine in the center of each cluster. At the apex of the stem, the areoles and spines form a mass of color and texture, making this variety visually appealing from any angle. Reaching up to 20 inches tall at maturity, ‘Silver Ball Cactus’ is unique enough to standalone in any sunny indoor space, or be placed directly within the landscape in temperate regions above Zone 10.

To encourage healthy growth as well as the large, pale yellow blooms with red stamens that will emerge from the apex of ‘Silver Ball Cactus’ during the summer growing season, be sure to provide plenty of bright, indirect sunlight and utilize a regular watering routine, allowing the porous soil to just dry through before providing another thorough drink. During the winter dormancy period, however, watering needn’t be so regular, to allow the plant to rest and prepare its blooms for the warmth of spring.

Hardy only to Zone 9, take steps to shield ‘Silver Ball Cactus’ from freezing temperatures, which could otherwise cause permanent damage to the stems of the plant.

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