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Mammillaria 'Red-Headed Irishman'


With a slow-growing and often solitary columnar stem, Mammillaria ‘Red-Headed Irishman’ more than lives up to its name! A rich green base coloration is offset by tubercles topped with white areoles from which clusters of long, rusty red spines emerge. Though this variety can near two feet tall in its native Mexico, within our homes it typically stays more petite, reaching only a few inches tall and wide. Despite its diminutive size, however, ‘Red-Headed Irishman’ is a true standout, adding a consistent element of red hot color not frequently seen in cacti.

With relatively straightforward care requirements, ‘Red-Headed Irishman’ makes a great addition to the collection of beginner and seasoned growers alike. At least a few hours of direct sunlight each day will encourage the best growth, richest coloration, and most ample blooms – a windowsill with a southern or western exposure is ideal. As is the case with many cacti, excess moisture is to be avoided, making it imperative to utilize a very porous soil mixture within a well-draining pot, coupled with a thorough but infrequent watering routine. Adequate airflow around the leaves and soil surface will further protect against ills such as rot or pests.

During the spring and summer months, clusters of hot pink blooms will ring the upper portion of ‘Red-Headed Irishman,’ adding yet another layer of rich color to this unique specimen. To ensure the most copious display of these blooms, take steps to provide this specimen with a winter ‘vernalization’ period, in which the plant is exposed to a period of cool (but not freezing) temperatures in the range of 40-55 degrees.

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