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Mammillaria rhodantha ssp. Pringlei

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Size: 4"

Long, protruding spines in shades of cream and tan characterize the unique Mammillaria pringlei, which also features a rich green stem covered in conical tubercles. The apex of each stem is densely covered in white wool and spines, around which a ring of magenta blooms will open during the spring and early summer months. Native to a very limited geographical area in Mexico, this specimen typically remains as a solitary, globose stem reaching only a few inches tall and wide. As the plant ages, however, it is possible for it to develop a dichotomous growth form, with the apex of the stem forking into two distinct ‘heads’ of growth – a phenomenon not very common amongst other varieties of cacti, or even within the Mammillaria genus!

Like most cacti of Mexican origin, Mammillaria pringlei prefers copious amounts of bright light, which will ensure both healthy growth and ample blooms each year. As such, a southern or western exposure is ideal for this variety, though a supplemental grow light can be used in dimmer spaces. Beyond this, its needs are quite simple – porous soil within a well-draining pot, ample airflow around the stem and soil surface, and a thorough yet infrequent watering routine will have you well on your way to succulent success!

Hardy only to Zone 9, be sure to shield Mammillaria pringlei from freezing temperatures during the winter months.


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Size: 4"

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