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Mammillaria guelzowiana


An adorably fuzzy, rounded cactus, Mammillaria guelzowiana features a bright green base coloration and conical tubercles, from which both hooked, rusty red spines and white, hair-like strands emerge. Reaching only 3-4 inches tall and wide, this charming variety will begin to quickly produce offsets around its base, creating a cluster of color and texture. Furthermore, during the spring months each stem will produce multiple fuchsia colored flowers so large they will absolutely overwhelm the entire plant with their vibrant color!

Despite its blooms being the largest in the genus, Mammillaria guelzowianais quite easy to care for, making it an exceptional variety for even the most novice succulent and cactus grower. Bright to direct sunlight will ensure ample growth and prodigious blooms, while a thorough yet infrequent watering routine will help insure the plant against issues such as rot or pests. Beyond these two care components, a porous soil mixture within a well-draining pot is all that this low maintenance variety asks for in order to thrive!

Hardy only to Zone 10, be sure to protect Mammillaria guelzowianafrom frost during the winter months, which could otherwise damage its petite stems.

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