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Mammillaria glassii 'Dulces Nombres'


Named for the region of Mexico to which it is native, Mammillaria glassii ‘Dulces Nombres’ features columnar, deep green stems coated in a dense layer of wooly hairs that are offset but rusty red, hook-shaped spines. Offsetting heavily, this specimen will soon form a low mound of pillowy white texture, lending it a sweet and delicate aesthetic. During the springtime, long lasting blooms will add to the appeal of ‘Dulces Nombres,’ as a ring of small, light pink blooms with bright yellow stamens emerge from the apex of the plant’s stems.

Though it will remain quite petite across its life cycle, ‘Dulces Nombres’ will attain its most active growth and most profuse blooms when provided with bright sunlight, at least a few hours of which each day should be direct. Beyond this, its needs are simple – well adapted to drought conditions, this variety prefers a porous soil mixture, a well-draining pot, and a thorough yet infrequent watering routine. To help stave off excess moisture, which could otherwise predispose the plant to rot, be sure to choose a location for ‘Dulces Nombres’ that provides ample airflow around the stems and soil surface.

Hardy only to Zone 10, shield ‘Dulces Nombres’ from frost during the winter months – though it can tolerate cool (but not cold) temperatures in the range of 45-60 degrees, which may even encourage more ample blooms as the weather warms in the spring!

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