Mammillaria fragilis monstrose 'Arizona Snowcap'


An exceptionally unique cultivar, Mammillaria fragilis monstrose ‘Arizona Snowcap’ forms bright green, cylindrical stems covered in raised tubercles, each of which is capped with a dense cluster of bright white spines emerging from a white tufted areole. The spines put on an incredible display all on their own – but during the spring and summer months, the snowy effect is amplified by a display of white, star shaped blooms with pale yellow throats. A relatively fast grower for a cactus, ‘Arizona Snowcap’ will produce offsets profusely, establishing a clump of stems reaching up to 5 inches tall and wide.

Like most cacti, ‘Arizona Snowcap’ has relatively straightforward care requirements, chief amongst which are plenty of bright light and a consistently drier soil environment, to avoid issues such as rot that can stem from ‘wet feet.’ To achieve this, be sure to situate this variety in a south or west-facing windowsill where it can receive at least a few hours each day of direct sunlight, and water in accordance with a thorough yet infrequent routine such as the ‘soak and dry’ method. Furthermore, a porous soil within a well-draining pot will provide additional insurance against standing moisture, as will ample airflow.

It is worth noting that the numerous stems of ‘Arizona Snowcap’ are especially fragile, and prone to breaking off when bumped or jostled – either during shipping or once situated within your home! Additionally, this charming cactus is only hardy to Zone 9, so be sure to shield its stems from frosty temperatures to avoid permanent damage. That said – cool temperatures in the range of 45-55 degrees Fahrenheit during the winter months will encourage the most prolific spring blooms, so a seasonal balance between hot and cold is ideal!