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Lapidaria 'Karoo Rose'


With 2 to 4 sets of thick and sharply angular leaf pairs, the soft greyish blue of Lapidaria ‘Karoo Rose’s leaves, coupled with their sharply outlined, creamy pink margins, make this a succulent variety that moreso resembles a gemstone than a mere plant! Flushing to pink across the entire leaf surface when exposed to ample amounts of sunlight, this variety will mature to a cluster of 3 rosettes – making for a unique statement element on any sunny windowsill.

Ample sunlight is a must for ‘Karoo Rose,’ encouraging both healthy growth and annual displays of bright yellow, daisy-like blooms that can exceed the plant itself in their size.  A member of the mesembs, or mimicry plant, family, this variety is adapted to survival in the harsh climates of South Africa and Namibia, where its coloration allows it to camouflage with the native quartz that covers the ground on which ‘Karoo Rose’ will grow. Limited rainfall also characterizes these landscapes, meaning that this specimen is able to tolerate drought, but not excess moisture. As such, take care to avoid overwatering and its associated pitfalls by utilizing a porous soil mixture within a well-draining pot, coupled with a thorough but infrequent watering routine during the spring and fall – withholding water entirely during the summer and winter months.

Furthermore, be sure to shield ‘Karoo Rose’ from frost, which can cause permanent scarring to its fleshy leaves.

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