Haworthia cymbiformis 'Star Window Plant' variegata

Size: 2.5"

Just as hardy as its wholly green cousin, Haworthia cymbiformis variegatafeatures bright green leaves splashed with varying degrees of cream striping – indeed, some leaves may appear to be completely white in color! The leaves themselves are arranged in star-like rosettes and arch inward, topped with irregular translucent ‘windows’ towards the pointed tips of each leaf. Letting light reach deep within the recesses of the plant, in its native South Africa these ‘windows’ allow the plant to grow primarily beneath the soil surface, still receiving enough light to photosynthesize while remaining shielded from the sun’s harsh rays. In our homes, however, this adaptation allows Haworthia cymbiformis variegatato thrive in even the dimmer rooms of our household, unlike many other succulent varieties!

One of the easiest of all Haworthiato care for, this variegated specimen makes an exceptional starter succulent. Tolerant of both partial shade and a degree of overwatering, Haworthia cymbiformis variegatacan withstand the learning curve of any succulent newbie! To encourage its success, strive to provide this variety with a porous soil mixture within a well-draining pot, ample airflow around the leaves and soil surface, and a thorough but infrequent watering routine that allows the soil time to dry through between drinks. Given the appropriate care, this slow-growing variety will eventually produce offsets around the base of the 4-inch parent plant, and will send up stalks of white to pale pink blooms during the springtime or early summer months.

Hardy only to Zone 10, be sure to shield the water-rich leaves of Haworthia cymbiformis variegatafrom frosty temperatures, which could otherwise cause permanent damage.

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