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Gymnocalycium friedrichii 'Purple Moon Cactus'


A cactus so unique it is often seen grafted atop other varieties to add a pop of color, the flesh of Gymnocalycium friedrichii 'Purple Moon Cactus' can range from a deep, dusky green to a dark purple, depending on the level of light exposure. Ridges along the rounded, compact barrel are dotted with fuzzy clusters of tiny spines called glochids, and large pink flowers can reach the same diameter as the plant itself!

Like all cacti, Gymnocalycium friedrichii 'Purple Moon Cactus' prefers bright to direct sunlight, as well as a very porous soil mix. A well-draining, deeper pot will help defend the plant’s taproot against rot, as will thorough but infrequent watering in accordance with the ‘soak and dry’ method. Furthermore, take care to protect this South American native from frosty temperatures, as it is hardy only to Zone 9, and be especially cautious about damp soil conditions during the winter months.

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