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Gymnocalycium marquesii


A largely solitary grower, Gymnocalycium marquesiifeatures a globose form that reaches only 4 inches tall and 6 inches wide at maturity. The ribs forms unique rounded masses across the surface of the plant, which are in turn topped with woolly white areoles from which emerge several tan, arching spines. As if all of this wasn’t intriguing enough, the stem can take on a purple hue when amply ‘stressed’ by bright sunlight – giving all the more reason why Gymnocalycium marquesiiis a must-have addition to any succulent collection!

In its native South American environment, this cactus variety is most often found growing in the shade of other plants, making Gymnocalycium marquesiiespecially well suited to thriving as a houseplant. Bear in mind, however, that too deeply shaded of a location will prevent the plant from blooming – which would be a real shame, given the stunning nature of its large, creamy blooms with deep magenta throats!

Beyond its lighting requirements, Gymnocalycium marquesiiprefers thorough but infrequent watering, a porous soil mixture within a well-draining pot, and ample airflow around its stem and soil surface. During the winter months, take care not to expose this cactus to freezing temperatures, which could otherwise cause permanent damage.

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