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Graptoveria 'Silver Star'


Possessing bright red ‘hair-like’ spines emerging from the tips of each leaf, Graptoveria ‘Silver Star’ stands out amongst the Graptoveria genus. The leaves themselves are lightly textured, matte green with silvery overtones, and rigidly fleshy, arranged in tight rosettes offset by the flowing and spidery tips. Reaching up to 6 inches tall and wide at maturity, ‘Silver Star’ can readily hold its own in arrangements, in the temperate garden bed, or as a standalone specimen on a sunny windowsill.

Bright light is key to the best red coloration of the ‘hairs’ atop each leaf – and a proper watering routine is similarly vital for the success of ‘Silver Star.’ As long as the plant is situated within a porous soil mixture and a well-draining pot, the ‘soak and dry’ watering method typically works quite well for this variety. A thorough drink provided only once the soil has had the opportunity to completely dry through from the last one will prevent excess moisture from accumulating around the roots of the plant, thus reducing the risk of rot or pests taking hold.

During the growing season, ‘Silver Star’ will send up orange blooms. During the winter dormancy period, however, it is important to protect the chubby leaves from freezing temperatures, which will otherwise lead to permanent damage to the leaves and stem.

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