Gibbaeum dispar


The silvery blue leaves of this incredibly unique succulent emerge in pairs, which grow from the cleft in the center of the preceding year’s growth. A member of the msemb family of succulents, Gibbaeum dispar forms mats of foliage that closely resemble the stony ground of its native South African habitat. As such, this variety is adapted to withstand bright sun, intense heat, and substantial drought – making it one of those succulents that most thrives on neglect, rather than coddling!

Reaching only an inch or so in height at maturity, though its clumping habit allows it to extend to several inches in width, Gibbaeum disparis well suited to the sunniest windowsills of your home. The smooth leaves are quite fleshy, as they are designed to hold several months’ worth of water for the plant – as such, it is vital not to overwater this variety, instead allowing weeks to pass and the soil to dry completely through before providing another drink. A very porous soil mixture, such as low-organic matter cactus mix supplemented with pumice or perlite, and a well-draining pot will further shield Gibbaeum disparfrom rot and pests, as will ample airflow around the leaves and soil surface.

During the winter months, take extra care to protect Gibbaeum dispar’s water-filled leaves from freezing temperatures, which could otherwise cause permanent damage to the plant.

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