Gasteria 'Sakura Fuji'


Stacked, tongue-shaped leaves emerge from a central point on Gasteria ‘Sakura Fuji,’ fanning out in opposing directions instead of forming a traditional rosette shape. The leaves themselves are very thick and fleshy, striated with tones of deep green, light green, gray, and creamy white, and will together reach a maximum height of approximately 6 inches. Freely producing offsets from the base of the parent plant, over time this slow-growing variety will form a dense clump that will add a perfect layer of novelty and contrast to any succulent arrangement.

While all Gasteria can tolerate a greater degree of shade than most succulents, the variegation on ‘Sakura Fuji’ reduces the plant’s overall chlorophyll levels, meaning that it can benefit from at least morning sunlight – though afternoon shade would be more than acceptable. Due to the water content contained within its thick leaves, this variety requires thorough but infrequent watering to avoid predisposing its shallow root system to rot. Porous soil within a well-draining pot, coupled with ample airflow around the leaves and soil surface, will further shield against excess moisture.

Hardy only to Zone 10, it is vital to protect ‘Sakura Fuji’s dense leaves from frost, which could otherwise result in permanent disfiguration.

    **Please Note: This plant is not available for wholesale**