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Faucaria tigrina 'Tiger Jaws'


Faucaria tigrina 'Tiger Jaws' is a rich green succulent with stacked, triangular leaves has a growth pattern, coupled with menacing-looking but harmless spines along the leaf margins, that truly does resemble its namesake! In its dry native habitat, the soft spines play a role in directing moisture towards the root of the plant. With a clumping growth form, each individual parent plant or offset can reach up to six inches tall and wide, making for a fascinating ‘filler’ component in any succulent arrangement or rock garden.

Part of the family of msembs, or mimicry succulents, Faucaria tigrina 'Tiger Jaws' hails from southern Africa, where it thrives in extremely bright and arid conditions. As such, ensure that your ‘Tiger Jaws’ receives plenty of bright light, as well as ample airflow around the leaves. Water thoroughly but sparingly, soaking the soil only once it has had a chance to completely dry. Further, be sure to use an especially porous substrate, such as a cactus mix supplemented with course sand, perlite, or pumice, to help stave off issues such as rot or pest infestation.

As the plant matures, it will produce large, dandelion-like blooms in the late summer, which will open each morning and senesce by nightfall. While ‘Tiger Jaws’ can be placed outdoors during the warmer months, provided a proper acclimation period, be sure to bring it indoors during the colder months, as it is only hardy to Zone 10.

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