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Euphorbia tirucalli 'Firesticks'


With an intriguing growth habit in which the branches remain slender, diverging from one another at angles resembling those of coral, what truly sets Euphorbia tirucalli ‘Firesticks’ apart is its coloration. Starting as a bright green at its base, each stem sports a range of orange, golden, and even red hues progressing in an ombre pattern towards the tip – indeed resembling the flames of a brightly burning fire! While ‘Firesticks’ can become a shrub several feet in height when planted directly in the native soil of a temperate climate, indoors it is far more likely to reach only a respectable 12-24 inches in height and width.

As is often the case with brightly colored succulents, ‘Firesticks’ will display its richest hues when exposed to ample and bright sunlight. As such, be sure to situate this specimen in a southern or western exposure. Beyond this, the care of this exceptional plant is simple – porous soil within a well draining pot, ample airflow around the stems and soil surface, and thorough but infrequent watering will have you well on your way to success!

While cooler temperatures can also help deepen its coloration, take care not to push the envelope into freezing temperatures, which can cause permanent damage to ‘Firesticks’ stems. In addition, make note of the fact that, like all Euphorbia, this variety does contain toxic sap, so take heed when handling the stems and keep out of reach from curious children and pets.

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