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Euphorbia monstrose


A rare mutation is what determines the unique growth habit of Euphorbia monstrose,chiefly its mass of numerous short and bright green stems. While the stems do resemble those of a cactus, with thick ridges dotted with aureoles from which red spines emerge, this variety is actually part of an entirely different plant family – and the spines aren’t spines at all, biologically speaking, but thorns!

At maturity, the mass of stems will reach only 3-4 inches in height, but several inches in width. To help Euphorbia monstroseachieve this size, and to encourage its petite yellow blooms to emerge, be sure to provide a brightly lit location, such as a south or west-facing windowsill. Beyond this, its care is simple – porous soil within a well-draining pot and a thorough but infrequent watering routine will have you well on your way to success with this exotic looking plant!

Like many succulents, Euphorbia monstroseis frost-tender, and thus requires protection from freezing temperatures. In addition, be sure to protect yourself from the toxic latex sap secreted by this plant when it is cut or damaged, as it can cause significant irritation if brought into contact with the skin.

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