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Echinopsis 'Domino Cactus'


Echinopsis 'Domino Cactus' is an adorable cactus that gets its name from the fuzzy, domino-like dots gracing the ridges across its deep green surface. Topping out at only 3 inches tall and wide, this variety is perfect for a sunny windowsill, where it can receive the bright light needed to send up its very large white blooms, which will open at night and fill the space around them with their fragrance.

Native to the arid environment of Bolivia, Echinopsis ‘Domino Cactus’ prefers to dry out thoroughly between waterings, and will thrive in porous soil in a pot that not only has sufficient drainage, but is also deep enough to accommodate its taproot. Hardy only to Zone 9, this variety must be protected from frost and excessively humid air, which can predispose the plant to scarring or rot, respectively.

‘Domino Cactus’ readily produces offsets, often clustered around the base of the parent plant, which can be carefully removed with a sharp knife, allowed to callous over, and repotted to easily propagate this variety.

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