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Echeveria 'Yamatoren'


With especially rounded and fleshy leaves, Echeveria 'Yamatoren' will sport pink margins when exposed to plenty of bright light – which can deepen to a bright red the more the plant is ‘stressed’ by the sun or cool temperatures. The rosettes are not overly full, instead appearing rather dainty as they provide exceptional contrast to any container or temperate rock garden in which they are featured!

Like most Echeveria, 'Yamatoren' will thrive in bright light, where it will not only achieve its best coloration but also maintain its most compact rosette form. Furthermore, this plant requires protection from overwatering, which can be accomplished by providing porous soil with great drainage, ample airflow around the leaves and soil surface, and thorough watering only when the soil is completely dry.

During the winter months, make sure you protect ‘Yamatoren’s thick leaves from frost – and as the weather warms it will reward your efforts by sending up stalks of tiny, bright yellow blooms!

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