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Echeveria 'Pollux'


The rosettes of Echeveria 'Pollux' form perfect concentric circles, the leaves creating mesmerizing spirals in toward the center. A thick coating of farina makes ‘Pollux’ cast a hazy glow, accentuated by the soft blue and lavender undertones of the fleshy, but still relatively thin, leaves. Reaching up to 8 inches in diameter, the broad rosettes make an exceptional accent in potted arrangements, or even a gorgeous standalone statement plant on a sunny surface such as a windowsill or countertop!

Like many intensely colored Echeveria, bright sunlight is the key to ‘Pollux’s success, encouraging the richest coloration, the best growth, and the most compact rosettes. Beyond this requirement, it is essential not to overwater this variety, as this can predispose it to rot and pests. Instead, water thoroughly but infrequently, allowing the soil to dry completely through in between. A porous soil mix, coupled with adequate drainage and ample airflow, will help take you the rest of the way towards succulent success.

During the winter months, plan to water even more infrequently, to avoid chilly and damp soil around ‘Pollux’s roots – and take care to protect the leaves from frosty temperatures, which can cause permanent scarring.

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