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Echeveria harmsii 'Ruby Slippers'


With a shrubby growth habit that reaches up to 12 inches tall and wide, Echeveria harmsii ‘Ruby Slippers’ more than lives up to its name – the fuzzy leaves feature a base tone of silvery green, accented by a spectrum of rich red hues that will deepen when exposed to ample sunlight. The elongated, paddle shaped leaves will form loose rosettes atop stalky branches, making ‘Ruby Slippers’ an exceptional ‘thriller’ addition to succulent arrangements, adding height contrast when paired with lower growing varieties.

As with all brightly hued succulent varieties, ‘Ruby Slippers’ will put on the best show when provided with plenty of direct sunlight, making its location a crucial component of its success. Beyond this, the greatest threat to this plant is overwatering – so be sure to utilize a porous soil mixture within a well-draining pot and provide ample airflow around the leaves and soil surface. Furthermore, a thorough by infrequent watering routine will shield this variety against ‘wet feet,’ which could otherwise predispose the plant to root rot.

During the summer growing season, bright orange bell-shaped flowers will extend from the tips of the stems, adding yet another layer of color to this unique specimen. In the cooler portion of the year, be sure to shield these fuzzy leaves from frost, which could cause permanent damage and scarring.

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