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Echeveria 'Esther'


Echeveria 'Esther' is a hybrid variety featuring petite rosettes known to cluster prolifically, quickly making up for its small size by forming a mat of richly hued foliage. Each of the thin, pointed leaves sports a dusty blue hue, with further depth and complexity thanks to a thick coating of powdery farina. When adequately ‘stressed,’ such as through bright light, cool conditions, or very infrequent watering, the margins of each leaf will display a defined line of bright magenta, making ‘Esther’ an eye-catching addition to any succulent collection.

As is the case with most brightly colored Echeveria, the intensity of their sun exposure directly correlates to the intensity of their coloration. While ‘Esther’ can tolerate filtered light, the crisp red margins will likely fade in the absence of more direct sun. Thorough but infrequent watering is the other ticket to success with this variety, ensuring that the soil has a chance to dry thoroughly between drinks. A porous soil mixture in a well-draining pot will further protect the plant against dampness and its associated issues, such as rot or pest infestation – and take care not to allow any moisture to accumulate within the center of the rosettes!

During the cold winter months, be sure to protect ‘Esther’ from temperatures at or below freezing.

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