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Echeveria 'Blue Heron'


Echeveria 'Blue Heron' is an exceptionally unique succulent featuring richly hued, ombre rosettes, ranging from a powdery blue at the center to a warm coral along the periphery. Each of the leaves – which are thinner than those of many Echeveria varieties – cups slightly towards the center, giving the rosette a demurely compact appearance. A thick coating of farina further lends ‘Blue Heron’ an air of softness, but take care not to mar this coating with the oils from your fingerprints!

Bright light and cooler temperatures will appropriately ‘stress’ this plant into its richest coloration, so be sure to place ‘Blue Heron’ in a very well lit location. Beyond this requirement, its care is relatively simple – avoiding excess moisture is the ticket to a healthy, happy plant. To attain this goal, be sure to utilize a very porous soil within a well-draining pot, ensure ample airflow around the rosettes, and water thoroughly but infrequently.  Furthermore, take care not to pour water directly into the rosette, as this can predispose the plant to rot.

During the winter months, be sure to shield ‘Blue Heron’ from frost, which could permanently scar the stunning leaves.

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