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Echeveria 'Autumn Flame' PP28985


A truly magnificent hybrid – so unique it is protected by a U.S. Patent – Echeveria 'Autumn Flame’ features loose rosettes of undulating leaves, each displaying shades of rich mahogany with lime green centers and bright red edging along the margins. The large leaves appear to spiral away from the center of each 8-inch rosette, creating a unique look sure to enliven any sunny windowsill or potted succulent arrangement.

Bright light is critical to maintaining the exceptional coloration of ‘Autumn Flame,’ so consider placing this variety in a window with a southern or western-facing exposure. This succulent can also thrive outdoors during the warmer months, or all year round in climates above Zone 10, but be sure to acclimate it to direct sun slowly to avoid sunburn on the leaves.

Furthermore, be sure to water this variety thoroughly but infrequently, waiting for the soil to dry completely between each watering. A very porous soil mixture and a well-draining pot are musts to shield against rot, as is ample airflow around the leaves and soil surface.

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