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Echeveria 'Atlantis'


Hailing from Mexico, Echeveria 'Atlantis' is a vibrant, rosette-shaped succulent replete with powdery blue leaves with a very thin pink margin, that feature a unique ripple across the span of each leaf. Also known by the name ‘Peaches and Cream,’ this variety gets it signature creamy coloration and texture from a thick coating of farina, which is a powdery substance designed to protect the leaves from the sun’s harsh rays. A perfect pop of color against the green tones of other succulent plants, this variety makes great addition to any temperate garden or mixed container planting, and will reach up to 8 inches wide at maturity.                           

Plenty of bright light will ensure that 'Atlantis' can retain its unique coloration, as well as its compact growth habit, while ample airflow will protect again pests and rot. Porous soil with adequate drainage is a must, as is thorough watering when the soil is completely dry – though take care not to pour water directly into the rosette, instead watering the soil directly. Hardy only to Zone 10, this succulent's leaves must be protected from frost during the cold winter months.

Coral flowers emerge atop tall inflorescences in the summer months, especially when the plant is receiving adequate amounts of sunlight.

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