Dracaena 'Red Margined'

$ 18.00
Size: 4" Pot
A true showstopper, Dracaena 'Red Margined' is a majestic houseplant hailing from the diverse landscapes of Africa. Its sword-like leaves display an alluring blend of deep green and red, with the bold crimson margins lending the plant its distinctive name. The foliage is further accentuated by faint yellow lines running through the middle of the leaves, adding an extra splash of color and intrigue. Growing up to 15 feet in height and spreading 3 to 8 feet wide, the 'Red Margined' Dracaena is a grand and eye-catching presence. It has the ability to transform any space into a tropical oasis, whether positioned as a standalone feature or amongst a cluster of other plants. This striking Dracaena variety is known for its sturdy, upright stems that gradually arch outwards, giving the plant an overall lush and full-bodied appearance. In a container, the Dracaena 'Red Margined' is equally striking, with its vibrant leaves cascading over the edges and creating an impressive 'spiller' effect. This plant is a relatively slow grower, but given time and care, it will develop into a splendid spectacle that enhances any indoor environment. The Dracaena 'Red Margined' is not only a visual delight but also a champion air purifier. It's known for its ability to cleanse the air of harmful toxins, thereby contributing to a healthier and more pleasant living space. And as if this isn't enough, wait for the late winter months, when the 'Red Margined' Dracaena produces clusters of fragrant, tiny white flowers. These delicate blossoms are a delightful surprise, opening during the day and closing at night, providing a sweet and subtle fragrance to your indoor environment. The Dracaena 'Red Margined' is a plant of exceptional beauty and versatility, making it a perfect addition to any indoor plant collection. It offers a touch of the exotic, coupled with ease of care, and the added bonus of air-purifying properties. This is truly a plant that delivers on all fronts.

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Size: 4" Pot

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