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Dracaena Marginata 'Sunshine'

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Size: 4" Pot
Embodying its radiant moniker, Dracaena Marginata 'Sunshine' is a captivating houseplant hailing from the exotic landscapes of Madagascar. This exceptional specimen features striking leaves in hues of vibrant green, vivid gold, and deep burgundy – further enhanced by delicate red edges that trace the length of each leaf. This plant can attain a remarkable height of 15 feet, though in indoor conditions, it typically reaches a more modest 6 feet, with a width to match, offering a stunning visual impact. In a large pot or planter, the Dracaena Marginata 'Sunshine' will grow upright, creating a lush, dense display of foliage that mimics a small, indoor tree. However, in a smaller pot, the plant's growth will be more contained, offering a compact and manageable size perfect for desks or tabletops. Its slender, flexible stems can be trained to grow in a specific direction, allowing for creative customization of its appearance. The Dracaena Marginata 'Sunshine' is a moderately fast grower, but with patience and care, it will reward you with a sturdy, robust trunk where the base of the plant meets the soil. This unique feature adds a layer of intrigue to its already impressive display of foliage, creating a miniaturized tree-like appearance that is sure to catch the eye. Further enhancing its allure, this plant also produces small, fragrant white flowers, although this is a rare occurrence when grown indoors. If you're fortunate enough to witness this bloom, it will undoubtedly add an extra touch of charm to your living space. The flowers typically bloom in the late summer or early fall, providing a delightful end-of-season surprise. Able to adapt to a variety of lighting conditions, the Dracaena Marginata 'Sunshine' is an excellent choice for both novice and experienced plant enthusiasts. Its resilience and ability to thrive in less than ideal conditions make it a reliable and attractive addition to any indoor garden. Whether placed in a sunny window or a less lit corner, this plant's vibrant foliage will continue to shine, living up to its 'Sunshine' name. With its striking colors, flexible growth habits, and potential for stunning blooms, the Dracaena Marginata 'Sunshine' is a true gem among houseplants. Its robust, tree-like appearance offers a unique and captivating addition to any home or office, ensuring it stands out in any setting. It's not just a plant, but a

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Size: 4" Pot

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