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Crassula conjuncta


Crassula conjuncta is a succulent with fleshy, triangular green leaves with red margins and a vertical growth habit. These Crassula are a highly branching species and offset easily, making it the perfect plant for hanging baskets or along the edges of rock gardens, where they will readily form dense clusters of stems.

Crassula conjuncta requires bright light and an especially porous growing medium, as it typically grows in rocky quartz fields in its native South African habitat. Supplementing a cactus soil mix with perlite or course sand, coupled with infrequent but thorough watering, can help replicate this natural environment. Excessive dampness in the soil and the air can predispose these plants to rot, so take care not to overwater (especially in the cooler winter months) and to ensure ample airflow around the leaves. Crassula conjuncta are not cold hardy, and need to be protected from frost.

These plants go dormant in the summer months, but during their growth season will send up clusters of tiny white flowers, which are known to attract butterflies and hummingbirds.

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