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Cheiridopsis candidissima 'Lobster Claws'


A member of the family of succulents know as mesembs, or mimicry plants, Cheiridopsis candidissima ‘Lobster Claws’ in its native South African habitat will form a dense mat of spiky foliage, leading to the creation of its other nickname, ‘Carpet Weed.’ The uniquely shaped leaves grow in opposing, upright pairs, with a new set emerging from the cleft between the last two leaves. The new growth will emerge as a light green, before deepening to a steely blue. Reaching up to 4 inches tall, with a spread as wide as 12 inches across, each plant will make a statement in a container or as part of a rock garden, in temperate zones above 9a.

Like all mesembs, ‘Lobster Claws’ has adapted to tolerate extreme drought conditions, making the biggest threat to this plant overwatering. As such, be sure to allow the soil to dry completely between thorough waterings, and pot this variety in a very porous soil, such as a commercial cactus mix supplemented with pumice or perlite. Adequate airflow around the leaves and soil surface will also aid in preventing rot and other ills, as will sufficient exposure to plenty of bright sunlight.

Flowers can appear on ‘Lobster Claws’ in late winter, typically sporting shades of orange, yellow, or white – though occasionally a reddish violet flower will emerge!

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