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Acanthocereus tetragonus 'Fairy Castle'

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Size: 4"

Acanthocereus tetragonus 'Fairy Castle', a tall, columnar cactus variety, is native to the temperate regions of the Americas and is named for the fact that its clustering branches often resemble the turrets of a castle! The stems are bright green and feature wooly spine clusters along each of their 5 ridges, lending the plant a distinct appearance. Capable of reaching up to 6 feet tall at maturity, this slow-growing variety typically stays far more petite and rarely flowers in captivity – at least not until reaching 10 years of age or more!

An excellent starter cactus for beginner growers, it has fairly standard care requirements – chief among which are plenty of bright light, and a thorough but infrequent watering schedule. Like most cacti, overwatering is the greatest risk to this variety’s health, so care must be taken to only water when the soil has become completely dried through, and to utilize a very porous soil mix within a well-draining pot. Adequate airflow can also play an important role in warding off dampness, though chilly drafts and freezing temperatures are to be avoided.


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      Size: 4"

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