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Astrophytum 'Bishop's Cap'


This typically solitary, spineless cactus forms a green, cylindrical stem covered in tiny white scales – lending Astrophytum 'Bishop's Cap' a silvery texture and appearance. The ribbed stem can reach up to 3 feet tall at maturity, though, like many cacti, it is slow growing. Hardy only to Zone 9, this succulent can be grown outdoors in temperate climates, or makes a unique addition to a sunny indoor windowsill in less consistently warm environments.

One of the easiest Astrophytumsto grow, 'Bishop's Cap' is an excellent beginner’s cactus. Despite its relatively small root system, this variety requires only minimal water, bright light, and a porous soil mix in a well-draining pot in order to thrive. Indeed, this variety is better suited to tolerate neglect than excessive coddling! During the summer months, take care to shield ‘Bishop’s Cap’ from direct afternoon sun, which could cause sun burning.

Mature and contented 'Bishop's Cap' succulents will produce glossy yellow blooms throughout the summer months, which release a sweet fragrance into the room and ultimately produce a small reddish-brown fruit.

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