Anthurium 'Red'

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Size: 6" Pot
Anthurium 'Red', also known as the Flamingo Flower, is an eye-catching houseplant native to the tropical regions of Central and South America. This radiant plant is renowned for its deep, ruby red spathes – a type of leaf that is often mistaken for a flower – and its contrasting, slender spadix, or spike, which is usually a vibrant shade of yellow. These colorful features make Anthurium 'Red' a truly spectacular addition to any indoor space. Typically reaching a height and width of around 2 feet, Anthurium 'Red' is a plant of medium stature that nevertheless commands attention. In its natural habitat, it would be found nestled among the lush, verdant foliage of the rainforest floor, but it adapts well to indoor living and can thrive in a pot or planter. The large, glossy, heart-shaped leaves further contribute to its overall appeal, adding a touch of exotic charm to your home or office. Anthurium 'Red' is not only a beauty to behold, but also an air-purifying champion. Known for its ability to filter out harmful toxins from the environment, it’s a great addition to your living space for both aesthetic and health reasons. While Anthurium 'Red' may not create a dense mat of foliage or exhibit a spiller effect like some plants, its unique, vertical growth habit offers a different kind of appeal. The plant's stems rise straight up from the soil before arching elegantly downwards, creating a striking, cascading effect. Despite its exotic origins, Anthurium 'Red' is relatively easy to care for. It appreciates a warm, humid environment, but is also quite tolerant of typical indoor conditions. It is a moderate grower that will produce new leaves and flowers throughout the year, providing a continuous display of tropical beauty. In addition to its year-round foliage and vibrant red spathes, Anthurium 'Red' can also surprise you with a burst of blooming activity. During the blooming period, you can expect to see a multitude of stunning, long-lasting flowers, each one a vibrant, fiery red that perfectly complements the glossy green of the leaves. Overall, Anthurium 'Red' is a spectacular houseplant that offers a stunning display of color and a touch of tropical charm. Its air-purifying qualities, easy care requirements, and year-round beauty make it an excellent choice for any plant lover.

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Size: 6" Pot

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