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Aloe 'Oik'


With a name that is British slang for an overly rambunctious child, this variety certainly demands attention! The short, rigid triangular leaves of Aloe ‘Oik’ sport a deep blue-green hue, with bright, multi-pointed magenta teeth along the margins and bumpy dashes along the upper surface of each leaf. Depending on the season and the related strength of the sun’s rays, the fleshy leaves themselves may “blush” nearly red from sun stress, before reverting to green during the less intensely sunny seasons.

Plenty of bright sunlight will not only enrich ‘Oik’s unique color, but will also give this slow-growing plant the best opportunity to reach a mature size of 12 inches tall and wide. Like all Aloe, care must be taken to avoid overwatering – the ‘soak and dry’ method will work well, and porous soil with excellent drainage will provide added protection against rot and other ills. While ‘Oik’ is an overall very hardy plant, take care to protect its leaves from frost during the cooler months, as it is not cold tolerant below Zone 10.

When established, this succulent will send up stalks of reddish-yellow, bell-shaped flowers, which are often visited by hummingbirds!

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