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Aloe 'Lavender Star'


The firm, pointed leaves of Aloe 'Lavender Star' form small clusters of rosettes, each reaching no more than 6 inches in height. The rich green leaves are speckled with raised red bumps all over the upper leaf surface, accented further by reddish teeth along the margins. During the winter months, bright orange flowers will rise on spikes above the foliage, adding even more color to this already festive plant!

Caring for Aloe ‘Lavender Star’ is as simple as providing a bright light source, a well-draining pot, and a porous soil mixture. Excess moisture can be the downfall of even the hardiest Aloe, so take care not to overwater, adhering closely to the ‘soak and dry’ method. Furthermore, be sure to protect this variety’s thick leaves from frost during the winter months, as exposure to intense cold can cause permanent scarring.

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