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Albuca namaquensis augrabie 'Augrabies Hills'


Albuca namaquensis augrabie 'Augrabies Hills' puts on growth during the winter season, including sending up several white and green striped blooms that have a lovely scent, reminiscent of vanilla! A unique bulb-type succulent, the long and thin leaves of ‘Augrabies Hills’ will begin to brown and die back during the summer months, as the plant slips into dormancy. During this time, take care not to overwater, as excess moisture will cause the bulb to rot – when in doubt, let it dry out! As new leaves begin to emerge in the fall, a more regular watering schedule can resume, akin to a typical succulent routine such as ‘soak and dry.’

This variety can thrive in conditions ranging from bright sun to partial shade, making it an ideal houseplant in most homes. As the plant matures, it will begin to offset new bulbs, creating a small cluster of its unique, fine foliage.

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