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Aeonium lindleyi var. viscatum 'Irish Bouquet'


At first glance, Aeonium lindleyi var. viscatum resembles a bouquet of clover, earning it the common name ‘Irish Bouquet.’ The small, clustered rosettes are a bright, clear green, and will be laced with petite yellow flowers during the growing season. Even at maturity, this succulent will only reach 6-8 inches in size, with the rosettes never exceeding 3 inches in diameter.

Like all Aeonium, this variety requires very bright light to flourish, and is sensitive to overwatering. To avoid issues with rot or pests, be sure to select a very porous soil mix and a well-draining pot for ‘Irish Bouquet,’ and water thoroughly but infrequently in accordance with the ‘soak and dry’ method. Plan to water even less often during the plant’s summer dormancy period, to account for its decreased growth and water needs.

During the winter months, take care to protect ‘Irish Bouquet’ from the elements, as it is only cold hardy to Zone 10 and cannot endure a hard frost.

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