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Kalanchoe eriophylla 'Snow White Panda Plant'


With long, narrow, and fuzzy leaves clustered along equally furry stems, Kalanchoe eriophylla ‘Snow White Panda Plant’ lives up to its name on all counts. The white coloration, which is created by the sheen of the white hairs atop otherwise bright green leaves, is visually appealing both on its own and as a contrasting element within container plantings. Reaching less than 12 inches in height, this variety will begin to form a dense mat of white foliage as it matures – and can even flush to pink when exposed to both cooler temperatures and bright sunlight!

Bright yet indirect light is key to the success of ‘Snow White Panda Plant,’ as too much direct sun can lead to sunburn on the velvety leaves. This specific requirement aside, however, this specimen is overall quite tolerant and performs well even for beginners. A porous soil mixture within a well-draining pot, as well as ample airflow, will protect ‘Snow White Panda Plant’ from rot or pests, while a thorough yet infrequent watering routine will take care of the rest!

Hardy only to Zone 10, this Madagascar native prefers warmer temperatures and is not frost hardy. When content, expect ‘Snow White Panda Plant’ to send up stalks of unique, pale purple blooms, each featuring only four large petals.

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