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Haworthia limifolia 'Spiral Haworthia'


The broad, sharply triangular leaves of Haworthia limifolia ‘Spiral Haworthia’ feature a rich green base tone covered in slightly wavy, raised bands of lighter green coloration. This cultivar draws its name from the growth pattern of its leaves around the rosette – instead of stacking up the stems, the rigid leaves appear to swirl outward from the center of the plant, creating a uniquely mesmerizing appearance. Its diminutive size of only 3 inches tall and wide, coupled with its highly textured leaves, also lends this plant the nickname ‘Fairy Washboard’ – and this hardy specimen does indeed make an exceptional addition to whimsical container arrangements such as fairy gardens!

Able to thrive in the low lighting characteristic of many indoor spaces, ‘Spiral Haworthia’ is a fantastic houseplant for seasoned and beginner plant lovers alike. It’s drought tolerance also makes it well suited to enduring the occasional forgotten watering – though it is not similarly tolerant of too much water! To strike the correct balance, be sure to plant ‘Spiral Haworthia’ in a porous soil mixture within a well-draining pot, ensure ample airflow around the leaves and soil surface, and embrace a thorough but infrequent watering routine.

This slow-growing variety will slip into dormancy during the high heat of summer, and begin to grow (and even bloom) once again during the winter months. That said, ‘Spiral Haworthia’ is not hardy below Zone 10, so take care to shield the thick leaves from freezing temperatures to ensure a successful growing season.

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