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Euphorbia enopla 'Pincushion Euphorbia'


With intensely colored and intensely long spines protruding from the stems of this branching shrub, it is no question where Euphorbia enopla 'Pincushion Euphorbia' got its common name! The deep green base coloration provides a rich contrast to the bright red spines, which appear to surround the plant in a ‘halo’ of vibrant color. As if the looks of this plant were not reason enough to add it to your collection, its bloom color is also uniquely differentiated between male and female specimens – the former sporting yellow flowers, while the latter displays dark red blooms!

Like all Euphorbia, this exotic looking variety is surprisingly easy to care for – in fact, it is best to slightly neglect ‘Pincushion Euphorbia,’ rather than risk overwatering it by providing too much care! Bright sunlight and a thorough but infrequent watering routine will have you well on your way, while providing a porous soil mix within a well-draining pot will further cement your likelihood of success with this cultivar. Check the soil for dryness often during the hot summer months, when more frequent drinks may be in order – and during the cold winter season, take care to shield these tender stems from freezing temperatures!

As is the case with all Euphorbia, this variety contains a toxic latex sap within its stems, making it critical to keep ‘Pincushion Euphorbia’ away from the curious hands (and mouths) of children or pets.

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