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Echeveria purpusorum


Echeveria purpusorum features a near-perfect rosette comprised of triangular leaves mottled with shades of rich olive green and edged in coppery red, is, in a word, stunning. Not readily offsetting, the main rosette is the star of the show here, reaching about 3 inches tall and wide. A perfect addition to a sunny windowsill, desk, or countertop, the refined look of Echeveria purpusorumis sure to appeal to even the most seasoned succulent collector!

Native to Mexico, this succulent prefers bright light conditions, and the leaves will even blush a deep purple hue when adequately ‘sun stressed.’ Like all Echeveria, care must be taken not to pour water directly into the rosettes, where it can cause rot, and to promptly remove old leaves from the base of the plant as they begin to shrivel, to avoid creating an environment for pests such as mealy bugs to take hold. Beyond these factors, care resembles that of any other typical succulent – porous soil in a well-draining pot, adequate airflow, and thorough watering only once the soil has had a chance to completely dry out will set you well on your way to a thriving Echeveria purpusorum.

During the winter months, be sure to protect this plant’s chubby leaves from freezing temperatures. As the weather transitions into springtime, expect scarlet red flowers with yellow tips to emerge from atop a very long bloom stalk, towering up to 12 inches above the rosette.

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