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Crassula rupestris v. monticola


Native to South Africa and Namibia, Crassula rupestris v. monticola is a charming shrublet featuring stacks of fleshy, bright green leaves with red margins and a ‘stippled’ effect across the surface. The vertically growing stems can each reach up to 12 inches in length, creating the effect of numerous vines draping away from the center of the plant. Readily clumping in it’s growth habit, Crassula rupestris v. monticolamakes a great addition to hanging baskets, as a ‘spiller’ component in succulent arrangements, or spilling across the stones in a temperate rock garden.

In order to encourage the brightest coloration on the leaves, it is important to place this succulent in a brightly sunny location, such as a southern or western facing windowsill. Like all Crassula, this particular variety is easy to care for and quick to put on new growth, but can be harmed by dampness and overwatering. To avoid these issues, water thoroughly only once the root ball has had the chance to become completely dry, and utilize a porous soil mixture within a well-draining pot.

During the winter months, take care to shield Crassula rupestris v. monticolafrom frigid temperatures, as it is only hardy to Zone 10 – and in exchange you will be rewarded with clusters of tiny, white or light pink blooms during the summer months!

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