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Pilea Peperomioides 'Chinese Money'

$ 44.00
Size: 6" Pot
Living up to its charming reputation, Pilea Peperomioides 'Chinese Money' is a captivating houseplant native to the Yunnan Province in Southern China. With round, coin-like leaves that boast a vibrant shade of jade green, this beauty is a striking addition to any home or office space. The glossy, pancake-shaped leaves grow on long, slender stems, giving this plant a whimsical, slightly quirky appearance. It typically reaches about 12 inches in height and width, making it a perfect fit for your desktop or a sunny windowsill. With its natural ability to propagate, Pilea Peperomioides 'Chinese Money' has the potential to spread its impact even further. It sends out tiny baby plants, or "pups", from its roots, which can be easily repotted to create a new plant. In a pot, it creates a lush, full effect, but in a terrarium, it brings a touch of the tropics, resembling a miniature palm tree. Although it is a fast grower, Pilea Peperomioides 'Chinese Money' requires minimal care, making it a popular choice for novice gardeners and seasoned plant enthusiasts alike. It thrives in bright, indirect light and prefers a well-draining soil. Too much direct sunlight can cause the leaves to burn, while too little light can cause the plant to become leggy. Adding to the delightful spectacle put on by its foliage, Pilea Peperomioides 'Chinese Money' occasionally produces tiny, inconspicuous white flowers. While they may not be as showy as the flowers of other houseplants, they are a charming surprise that adds to the overall appeal of this unique plant. Pilea Peperomioides 'Chinese Money' is more than just a houseplant - it's a living piece of decor that adds a touch of nature to any indoor space. Its unusual, eye-catching appearance and easy care requirements make it a must-have for anyone looking to green up their living or working space. With its playful, coin-shaped leaves and lush, bushy growth habit, it's easy to see why this plant has earned its place as one of the most popular houseplants around.

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Size: 6" Pot

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