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Trichodiadema densum 'African Bonsai'


Rich green, finger-like stems create the mat of foliage unique to Trichodiadema densum ‘African Bonsai,’ which is offset by spidery clusters of white, hair-like spines at the tip of each stem. During the summer months, huge and long-lasting pink blooms with furry yellow stamens echo this aesthetic on a larger scale, creating a show-stopping specimen rarely seen in many succulent collections! Not a true cactus, this plant is also referred to as ‘Miniature Desert Rose,’ and reaches up to 4 inches tall and wide at maturity, before offsetting to produce a cluster of color and texture.

A member of the msembs, or mimicry, family of succulents, ‘African Bonsai’ is well adapted to harsh environments, tolerating both intense sun and low levels of rainfall, in turn. Plan to water on a consistent schedule, allowing enough time in between drinks for the soil to dry through, to avoid issues with rot while also encouraging active growth. Furthermore, be sure to provide a porous soil mixture, supplemented with course sand or pumice, within a well-draining pot, and ensure ample airflow around the leaves and soil surface.

A sunny south or west-facing window will be sufficient for ‘African Bonsai,’ but if you choose to place this plant outdoors during the warmer months, take note that it is only hardy to Zone 9, and must be brought indoors before the threat of frost.  

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