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Echinopsis 'Rose Quartz'


Also known by the charming name of ‘Peanut Cactus,’ Echinopsis 'Rose Quartz' showcases large numbers of bright magenta blooms atop upright green stems. The clusters of spines down each rib of the plant can sometimes blush a rosy hue, adding to this specimen’s appeal. Reaching only 6 inches in height, ‘Rose Quartz’ is an exceptional variety for beginner growers, as it is particularly hardy to pests such as mealy bugs – making this cactus a low maintenance addition to the container arrangements and sunny windowsills of all succulent enthusiasts!

Like most cacti, ‘Rose Quartz’ requires plenty of bright light to achieve its maximum size, produce offsets, and flower amply. Beyond this, the chief component of its care involves replicating the drought conditions to which it has adapted – necessitating the use of a porous soil mixture within a well-draining pot, the provision of ample airflow, and a thorough but infrequent watering routine.

Expect copious blooms during the spring months, followed by a dormancy period during the heat of summer. In the wintertime, be sure to shield ‘Rose Quartz’ from frost, which could scar its stems or destroy nascent flower buds.

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