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Sedum hernandezii 'Jellybean Plant'


Gloriously bright green, thick, oval shaped leaves truly do resemble a handful of apple-flavored candies, as they cluster densely up the stems of the aptly named Sedum hernandezii ‘Jellybean Plant.’ In bright light, the tips of the leaves will begin to flush shades of vibrant red and sunny yellow, though they will retain their solid green coloration in more dim conditions.  Reaching lengths of 8 inches or more at maturity, the stems of ‘Jellybean Plant’ will begin to gently drape when added along the rim of hanging baskets and other containers.

This Mexican native will best thrive in brightly sunny conditions, where it can achieve its most active growth and varied coloration. That said, ‘Jellybean Plant’ is an excellent variety for beginners, as its needs are quite straightforward. Extremely tolerant of drought, it does not want to be left with ‘wet feet,’ meaning that a thorough yet quite infrequent watering routine is just the ticket. As further insurance against excess moisture, be sure to provide this specimen with a porous soil mixture within a well-draining pot, and ensure ample airflow around the leaves and soil surface.

Hardy only to Zone 10, ‘Jellybean Plant’ must be protected from frost during the winter months. In the spring and summertime, however, clusters of star-shaped yellow blooms will emerge from the tips of each stem, where they will serve as excellent pollinator attractors!

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