Haworthia mirabilis mundula


The densely fleshy leaves of Haworthia mirabilis mundulaform loose rosettes that produce offsets readily, soon establishing a full clump of rich green leaves that will flush a coppery red in bright sunlight. With almost imperceptible serrations along the margins, each leaf turns sharply away from the center of the plant and is highlighted by bright green striations reaching across the uppermost portion of the leaf – which sports a more dusty, matte appearance than the remainder of the plant.

Though a slow grower, Haworthia mirabilis mundulacan reach up to 18 inches tall and wide at maturity, given the correct growing conditions. While brighter, indirect light will yield the best coloration, this variety can survive in dimmer conditions – just with a more muted color palette. Since the dense leaves already retain a great deal of water for the plant, Haworthia mirabilis mundularequires infrequent watering, soaking the soil through until the excess runs out the bottom of the well-draining pot. A porous soil mixture will ensure that the roots do not remain damp for too long, as will ample airflow around the leaves and soil surface.

Hardy only to Zone 10, be sure to protect this succulent from freezing temperatures – especially important as the winter months represent Haworthia mirabilis mundula’sactive growing season, and the time during which white flowers will emerge on stalks above the rosettes.