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Haworthia maughanii truncata


This standout Haworthia is most remarkable for its growth pattern – instead of forming rosettes, the thick leaves are arranged in an irregular mass of foliage, extending out in all directions at once! The leaves themselves are a deep green with flattened tips and a lightly stippled texture, laced with apple green accents. As a survival adaptation, in the wild Haworthia maughanii truncatagrows largely underground, thus shielding itself from parching in the hot South African sun. To ensure that the plant still receives enough sunlight to photosynthesize, the flat tips of each leaf contain translucent ‘windows’ that allow light to penetrate all the way down to the base of each leaf.

Reaching only 4 inches tall and wide at maturity, Haworthia maughanii truncatawill do best in indirect, but bright, lighting, which will encourage both ample growth as well as white blooms during the winter months. This variety does not tolerate overwatering well, and as such prefers porous soil, a well-draining pot, and a thorough but infrequent watering routine. Furthermore, be sure to protect the uniquely thick leaves of Haworthia maughanii truncatafrom frost in climates below Zone 10, to prevent permanent damage to the plant.

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